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The Difference Between Gourmet Coffee and Regular Blends

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Real coffee lovers know that not all coffee blends are equal. The flavor and quality of coffee are influenced by the quality of the beans, how and where they were cultivated, and how they were ground, roasted, processed, and ultimately brewed. This is one of the reasons many people tend to prefer gourmet coffee over regular coffee blends. 

What is gourmet coffee? 

Gourmet coffee refers to coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. These beans are responsible for giving the coffee its full body, bright aroma, and rich, delicious flavor. Regular coffee, on the other hand, uses Robusta beans. They are less expensive and easier to produce since they grow significantly faster than Arabica beans.

Arabica beans require a cool subtropical climate at high altitudes, while Robusta beans can grow at low elevations, which yields a larger crop for coffee farmers. However, Robusta beans are more bitter and inconsistent in quality. Hence, some companies tend to mix both types of coffee beans for their blend. But for a coffee blend to be truly gourmet, it has to be with 100% Arabica beans. 

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The benefits of drinking gourmet coffee 

Most people drink coffee for the love of the flavor or the caffeine hit. However, there are actual health benefits associated with drinking gourmet coffee. 

  1. Less caffeine than regular blends – Having a cup or two of coffee daily to get the day started and as a pick-me-upper is the reason most people drink coffee. But there is an ongoing debate about the effects of caffeine long-term that has some people second-guessing their next cup.

    However, gourmet coffee should be introduced to this conversation since it has less caffeine than regular coffee blends. This means coffee lovers can enjoy their suggested 2-3 cups daily without worrying about the effects of too much caffeine.

  2. Gourmet coffee has antioxidants – Antioxidants offer us protection against free radicals that can make us sick or more susceptible to illnesses. Gourmet coffee beans are filled with antioxidants properties that can benefit our health.

  3. Safer growing conditions – Pesticides in farming are very common, even with coffee. However, pesticides harm humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

    To produce a profitable crop, the conditions under which gourmet coffee is produced and cultivated necessitate the use of fewer pesticides. Insects and pests are less likely to affect the coffee plants in those conditions.

  4. Gourmet coffee can elevate the mood – While regular coffee blends give a burst of energy upon consumption, gourmet coffee interacts with chemicals in the brain that helps to elevate mood and improve concentration and comprehension.

    These effects have been linked to health benefits relating to mental health and wellness.

Dellaria’s™ gourmet coffee is not only delicious and packed with the health benefits listed above, but also has multiple unique flavors for you to indulge in. Our Gaetano blend has hints of chocolate and citrus zest, while our Citta Lites blend has milk chocolate, orange zest and stone fruit attributes. 

You can also enjoy Dellaria’s  Kona Blend, which has roasted nuts, subtle coca, and coriander in the mix, or Francese, a mix of smoky, molasses and oak attributes. 

Dellaria’s  gourmet blends are truly one of a kind that will elevate your entire coffee experience.