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The regional flavors of Mexico are as vibrant and unforgettable as its culture. And nobody knows this better than Chef Rick Bayless. Born into a family of restaurateurs and grocers, Rick began his culinary training as a child and gradually broadened his interests to include regional Mexican cooking.

In 1980, Rick and his wife Deann moved to Mexico, where they would embark on a 35,000-mile journey to investigate the country’s six distinct regions. Every town, market, kitchen, and recipe taught the renowned chef just how sumptuous and varied the cooking of Mexico really is.

Rick used these cultural experiences to open up his first restaurant, Frontera Grill, in 1987. Inspired by the robust, spirited flavors of regional Mexican cuisines, Rick wanted to bring the culinary richness of Mexico to kitchens everywhere. So he launched Frontera Foods just one decade later. Frontera Foods was Rick’s way of creating authentic, flavorful food that could bring people together and connect them to the bold taste and spirit of Mexico.

Since then, Rick has been exploring, cooking, and eating in Mexico for over 40 years. And today, he is the author of eight cookbooks on the ingredients, technique, culture, and history of Mexican food. Rick is a firm believer that you can only master a craft by putting your head down and practicing. Which is why Frontera Foods proudly offers gourmet-cooking techniques and the highest-quality ingredients, so you too can put your head down and start cooking with authentic flavors to be enjoyed and shared.

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