Gift Basket #27
Dellaria’s Food Coffee Lovers Basket
(16 Piece Set)


Our perfect blends of morning coffees. Each pack brews 8 cups of coffee.

Package Includes:

  • 4 Dellaria’s Coffee Packs (1.75oz. each) – Gaetano
  • 4 Dellaria’s Coffee Packs (1.75oz. each) – Francese
  • 4 Dellaria’s Coffee Packs (1.75oz. each) – Citta Lites
  • 4 Dellaria’s Coffee Packs (1.75oz. each) – Kona Blend
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Looking for that perfect pot of coffee? Try our 1.75 oz convenience packs of ground coffee. Imported from around the globe: Gaetano, a flavorful Columbian supreme blend of coffee’s, with a hint of chocolate. Francese, a mild Columbian blend of flavorful coffee, with a hint of creamy buttery chocolate.  Citta Lites, a bold vibrant medium roast with a strong hint of cocoa.  Our Kona Blend coffee from the main island, no words can describe the flavor of this rich Kona blend.  Your basket includes 4 packs of each blend. Over 28 oz of coffee making 16 – 10 to 12 cup pots.  Great for gift giving. A fine selection of coffee lasting 16 days.

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