Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Pack
Variety Flavors
30 Count (1.75 oz bags)


Our perfect blends of morning coffees. Each pack brews 8 cups of coffee.

Package Includes:

  • 8 Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Packs (1.75oz. each) – Gaetano
  • 8 Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Packs (1.75oz. each) – Frances
  • 8 Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Packs (1.75oz. each) – Citta Lites
  • 6 Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Packs (1.75oz. each) – Kona
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Includes a total of 30 Dellaria’s Coffee Pillow Packs –


8 packages of Francese Coffee… Attributes: Smoky, Molasses, Oak. Dellaria’s Coffee darkest roast coffee gives a full intense body with the bold sweet smokiness for a long lasting finish to start your day off in a great way.
Regular $3.05 per packet


8 packages of Citta Lites …Attributes: Milk Chocolate, Orange Zest, Stone Fruit. A Dellaria Family favorite coffee, it has hints of milk chocolate and citrus notes for a well-balanced refreshing finish. A good blend for Cold Brew or a hot coffee.
Regular $3.05 per packet


8 packages of Gaetano …Attributes: Chocolate, Citrus zest. 100% finest imported Colombian beans with an invigorating, mood-lifting aroma, complementing citrus notes with subtle hints of cocoa, for a smooth and addicting cup.
Regular $3.05 per packet


6 packages of Kona Blend … Attributes: Roasted Nuts, Subtle Cocoa, Coriander. Comes to us from the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Dellaria’s Coffee through our Roaster we carefully complement the delicate flavors of Kona with coffee from Latin America for a harmonious rich, warm experience.
Regular $4.05 per packet

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