Old Kingsley & Sons Barbecue Sauce
Grill Master Special
Variety Flavors (5 Piece Set)


Grill master special consists of our family recipe of meat paints for that outdoor grill taste. Just in time for barbecue season!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Old Kingsley & Sons Meat Paint 18oz. – (Original)
  • 1 Old Kingsley & Sons Meat Paint 18oz. – (Chipotle)
  • 1 Old Kingsley & Sons Meat Paint 18oz. – (Mesquite)
  • 2 Meat Paint Applicators
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Enjoy Original, Chipotle and Mesquite Smoke flavors. Easy application with our mop applicator. Comes with two applicators, 100% cotton and machine washable.


Original: Our signature barbecue sauce. A very friendly and flavorful sauce that is not too sweet, too hot, or overly spicy.  It can be used on any meat or even fish for a full robust flavor.  Its unique blend of ingredients and spices yields a full flavor, yet not overpowering.  It adds to the dish’s flavor profile instead of masking it like so many other barbecue sauces.  Many of our customers actually use it in place of ketchup since its flavor profile is so complex and multi-leveled they find it more desirable than the other red condiment.


Mesquite: Infused with Mesquite Smoke to give it a great outdoor flavor and aroma without being heavy.  It gives a delightful smoky aroma while cooking and infuses the finished dish with a great flavor.  The taste is light yet hardy.  It provides a very nice level of smoke flavor and aroma to any grilled, broiled or roasted dish.


Chipotle: Heated up with Hot Chipotle powder it gives a whole new experience in a spicier sauce.  Not so hot it will tear your mouth apart like some sauces, but hot enough to let you know there is some heat.  As one customer described it, “It sort of sneaks up on you from the back of the tongue, says, “Hello!” and then goes away.  Makes you want to take another bite.”  This one is great on those ribs you like so well, or that grilled chicken you want to add a little kick to.

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